An Overview of QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to access their QuickBooks company files from anywhere there is an online connection. Whereas normally you have to be at a computer with QuickBooks installed in order to access the application, with QuickBooks hosting a company maintains the program, and your files, in their own data centers on their own servers. QuickBooks won’t open company file

If your work never requires you or your employees to do work outside of your office, being able to access QuickBooks while working from home or traveling may not be an issue for you. However, if you need to have the option of working on your files anywhere besides your work desk, you probably need some sort of remote access option.A

There are three basic options available when it comes to remote access: 1) QuickBooks Online Edition, 2) Remote access software programs, and 3) QuickBooks hosting.

1) QuickBooks Online Edition: A fully web-based version of QuickBooks. Like with other remote access options, this QuickBooks edition allows you access from anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet-however, it is not the same as the desktop version of QuickBooks, and it has some important limitations. One problem you’ll encounter with QuickBooks Online is the fact that it doesn’t have all of the features offered by the desktop QuickBooks, which means it might not have everything you need. Plus, QuickBooks Online is run on Intuit’s server, which means that heavy traffic on the site can lead to slower response time, not to mention that if your internet connection-or Intuit’s server-goes down, you have no means of accessing your data.

2) Remote access software programs: Search “remote access tool” online, and you’ll find link after link to different companies offering downloadable software that allows you to remotely access your computer via the internet. While this can be convenient, there are several drawbacks: one, access speed is dependent both upon the host computer’s speed and its Internet connection, which can make the process very slow; two, you have to leave your computer on and running while you’re gone or you won’t be able to access your files, which can raise some security issues; and three, with these programs you are accessing the entire host computer, not just QuickBooks, which means that anyone else who you allow to log in remotely will have full access to everything on your computer (including all of your files and potentially even your email)-again raising security questions, and making this approach much less useful for multiple-user purposes.

3) QuickBooks hosting: All QuickBooks applications, add-ons, and files are maintained on the hosting company’s servers. As long as you have internet access, you can work anywhere at any time, without needing to leave your computer on, and access privileges can be tailored to each user, making multi-person access easy and secure.

Why QuickBooks Hosting?

- Simple setup: Setting up QuickBooks hosting is as easy as it gets. All you need is a good Internet connection and a valid license for the version of QuickBooks you wish to use.

- One-click access: If your hosting provider uses Citrix, your QuickBooks application sits on your desktop like any other program that’s installed on your computer, and all you have to do to open it is click on the icon-once you’ve opened the application, you can start working in QuickBooks right away, as if you were accessing it locally.

- Work on your files anywhere, anytime: Armed with Internet access and your login information, there are no limitations to where or when you (or your co-workers or clients) can access your QuickBooks files. And if you have a Citrix-based hosting provider, you can use any Internet capable-device you like to log in-even your smart phone.

- No file-sharing complications: With QuickBooks hosting, you and your clients all work from the same online database-the files update for everyone every time you save your work, and you don’t have to install a specific version of QuickBooks on any of the computers being used. The result is no more worries about data synchronization, and no more issues with program compatibility.

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