Educating Yourself On the Different Types of Cat Litter

Cats need a comfortable place to “relieve” themselves without having to go out in the garden especially during stormy weather. They should be provided with a litter box that can hold their urine and feces. These boxes are normally filled with cat litters to keep the litter box neat and dry.

There are different types and brands in the market today. They cater to various requirements of cats and cat owners. Some are produced for the convenience of both the cat and his owner while others are made to provide comfort and maintain the general health of cats.

Cat litters are generally classified in two best cat litter mats types which is clumping and non-clumping litters. Sometimes cats can become pretty picky when it comes to their toilet habits. Since both clumping and non-clumping litters have their own benefit, choose which one works best for your cat.

Clumping ones absorb the stinky smell of cat’s urine and feces. They also keep the litter box clean and dry since they tend to clump around the urine or feces. This also makes it easier to clean and empty the litter box by simply scooping out the solid mass.

Non-clumping ones on the other hand are more difficult to maintain and doesn’t absorb as much odor as the clumping litter. It may be necessary to completely replace non-clumping litter every so often to avoid foul smell in the environment. One great advantage though is that it produces less dust and may pose no health risk on your cat.

Cat litters may come as plant-based or clay-based. Clay-based may keep your cat’s litter box dry and smelling fresh though this clumping type of litter can be very dusty. Make sure you have a mat that surrounds the outside of the box to trap dust particles when your cat gets out from his box.

Plant-based clumping litter also keeps your litter box dry and neat. This is usually made from corn or wheat which is biodegradable. It doesn’t produce as much dust particles as the clay-based so you are guaranteed of a neat and clean litter box.

Cat’s litter may also be in the form of crystal, made from silica gel, which doesn’t produce dust particles and its non-toxic. Scented cat litter doesn’t appeal much to cats since they prefer unscented or natural smelling litters. Some come in pellet form which can also be unappealing to cats and cause them a feeling of discomfort.

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