Jane Powertwin Pro – Is This Tandem Pushchair Buggy the Right One For You?

Jane Powertwin Pro is a twin tandem pushchair that also converts to a Travel System if used with suitable car seats. With its all terrain capabilities, you can explore any territory and have fun adventures with your kids. if you’re thinking of getting a twin buggy, here’s our assessment of its Pros and Cons to help you decide if it’s the right twin pushchair for you.

Jane Powertwin Pro: The Pros

The great feature you will love about this Jane pushchair is that it is adaptable to both toddlers and newborn. The capacity of the stroller is 15kg. This is great for 2 toddlers or two newborns, although you will need to buy a car seat if you want to use it for your newborn.

No worries fitting in doors. This pushchair is a tandem or in-line pushchair, so unlike side-by-side pushchairs, this is hassle free when it comes to shopping or going out and about as it will fit through doors.

Rain is no problem with this pushchair. It comes with a rain cover that is easily removable and elasticated plus in order to prevent suffocation, it was built with opening flaps. Great for your baby’s safety.

The padded soft-grip handlebar is easily adjustable from 96 to 107 cm and has got a bike-style brakes for the front wheel, making it so much more convenient to control and slow down the pram when you’re on steep down hills or walkways.

The hood of the rear seat also functions as a handy bag to store you wallet, keys and mobile phone. Both hoods also has viewing windows that can be adjusted to many positions.

Other features parents love are:

  • 5-point padded harness
  • Removable and washable seat padding
  • Adjustable leg support
  • Head support
  • Shopping basket underneath with reflective strips for greater visibility.


Even though the wheel on this twin stroller is removable, we do not recommend that you Fallschirmspringen Bayern remove it because you might have a hard time putting it back on, plus to ensure that the handbrakes works properly.

The Jane Powertwin Pro Pushchair’s wheels are pneumatic air tyres. The rear wheel’s foot breaks are located above the rear wheels and unlike the front, it is easy to install and remove.

Folding this tandem pushchair requires 2 hands, but it’s simple and easy enough. Just make sure that when folding, fix both seats on upright position and pop your front seat’s hood forward. Failing to do so can damage your treasured pushchair.

Jane Powertwin Pro Tandem Pushchair: The Cons

Now let’s talk about the Cons. One thing I don’t like about the Powertwin is the jutting front wheel when folded. It would have been good if you can push it in somehow or remove it.

Because it’s a twin pushchair, there’ll be problems inherent to it such as being harder to steer than single buggies, harder to fold, it will be bigger and heavier and so will be more difficult to lift, store, or use for public transport.

If you’re not very strong, it’s likely that you’ll find it hard mounting kerbs, changing directions, and rounding tight corners however these issues are common to most twin pushchairs.

One issue I’ve noticed about it though is that you may have problems as your front child’s legs get longer. Although Jane have now improved this model by creating a bigger and wider footplate for your front child, if your child’s legs are long, your child’s legs could still end up touching the front wheel when they snooze off.

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