Top Ten Online Marketing Ideas For Cyber Monday

Ever since shops coined the phrase “Cyber Monday” back in 2005, online
retailers have realized the sales potential of this first Monday after
Thanksgiving. After all, people are back at their office jobs, tired and
overweight from the Thanksgiving holiday. What better to do than shop online?

Below I’ve gathered some Cyber Monday marketing ideas for eCommerce sites.

Spread it Out:

1 day sales are great for everyone, except your
fulfillment staff. In order to prevent hysteria for your warehouse and customer
service staff, run the sale over a few days rather than 1 day only. This also
will allow time for customer viral marketing to kick in.

Create Product Bundles:

The value of a product bundle can be perceived
as greater than the sum of its part because you are conveniently creating a one
stop gift.

Use your Customers for Viral Marketing:

Take to the opportunity to
capitalize on this huge traffic surge to encourage customer viral marketing. On
your emails and landing pages for whatever promotion you run, include a link to
a tell a friend form where shoppers can email your special to friends and

Blow-out Loss leaders:

A very traditional strategy, but I’ve found it
works well online. Most of the time, customers will buy additional full-price
merchandise, especially when they realize they have to pay shipping anyway.

Free Gift at Threshold above Average Order:

Give away some sort of
gift item once customers reach a certain threshold. In order to determine the
threshold, take a look at your average order on last year’s Cyber Monday and
increase it bit. However, make sure the gift warrants spending that much.

Cyber Monday Promo:

If you doing something really noteworthy, you
may want to highlight it on Cyber Monday, a deal site run by Many
prominent brands feature promotion there all year round, not just Cyber Monday.


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